Thursday, 28 November 2013

27.12.2013 Lilian's super sweet 16 Part 1

Hello there my lovely readers :) 
With the title listed above, it's really clear that what I'll be writing in this post but....
To those who don't know, it was one of my bestest bestest friends birthday yesterday and we held a surprise birthday party for her at her place which she didn't expected, of course. :D

We went to the Sunway Pyramid's Red box at 1030a.m. , 
when we reached, lilian and I headed straight to redbox while Natalie, ThingLing & WeiJie left to Komugi to get a cake for her(secretly).

Half way cheong k-ing thennnn with the help of one of the kind staffs there, 
The "Happy Birthday" song w cute animals played ~~

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Lilian ~
Happy birthday to you!! 
                                                       making a wish~~~
She didn't told us what she wished but I'm thinking it's either
- a boyfriend for xmas 2013
- a boyfriend for xmas 2013 
- a boyfriend for xmas 2013 
hehehe I'm jk she's mine don't touch her! 

From the left, Thing Ling, Wei Jie, Natalie(light DJ otd), Lilian & I 

It's Lilian posing with a plastic cake cutter when I'm with a plate...
who needs to be fab all the time

寿星女 & me 

One last shot in the red box's toilet~ 
Don't worry it's pretty clean 
and I like the service in Redbox so go la wait for what!? hehe ^^

We then went shoppingggg and bumped into Hui Ling!!!(yes the one from 超级补习中心) Should've taken a picture with her but sadly I didn't.... next time it isss. 
Would you like to find out what we gifted Lilian as her present and what we did after shopping and singing k? Stay tuned for part 2 & 3! :D

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