Friday, 29 November 2013

Bar.B.Q Plaza Sunway Pyramid

Hello :) it's me Jia Hui again.
If you've read my previous post, part 1 of lilian's birthday,
this is part 2 when we headed to Bar.B.Q Plaza @ LG2.35 & 36, LG2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall for lunch. :)

Just before I start, 

we didn't had quite a pleasant meal there! Give me 30secs to tell you the story why
We went into the shop telling the one of the female workers there that there's 5person and could we take that table with two BarBQ plaza pan and she said yes so we moved there, coincidentally the table next to thing ling's cousin(Emily Tiw) and her friends. 

But as we were already seated, a male worker(WQ) came and told us we're not supposed to be seated there rudely with the face unless there'll be another person joining us cuz I think the table's for 6 person but we have big appetite too k. Never mind that, wasn't a big deal for me.

My friends asked if we could shift to another table at the other corner for 4 person and he said yes... well, who wouldn't choose sofas over chairs? 
Aiya whatever la, but after moving there, menus were slow, service was bad, not sure it was specifically to us only or others were served the same. 

Put that aside now, I'll be introducing what we ate that day ok? ~
If you're new to Bar B Q Plaza, it's basically a place for those who like to barbeque but does not like smokey places. This particular restaurant offers a great variety of meat for you to choose from and to share with your friends~ It is air conditioned so you don't have to worry of getting too hot or sweaty. 


wu liao not go add the #menu lolol

These were served after we ordered~

From the left: barbq plaza pan, hot water, my bowl, fat(as oil) and super delicious sauce

神仙下凡cuz of the steam lolol.


Pork fats as cooking oil.. It's to oil the pan so it the meat does not stick 
Them pretty girls ~

Food finally served! :D



And then there's lamb in the middle 
Cookin it~ hungry hungry~ 

Random pix~ 

- air conditioned
- good environment
- reasonably priced
- clean

- bad customer service
- workers are mostly new, said that cuz they got our orders wrong
- slow serving service
- food not fresh 

The workers did not clean up the dirty table after the customers left immediately. One of the girl workers saw it but she chose to stand just opposite of the table and do nothing. Like that also don't want to clean the table. At last a guy cleaned it when there were customers standing there waiting for that table already.
Overall, I wouldn't pay a second visit unless they improve and have better trained workers.

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