Monday, 18 November 2013

Day 2 in Taiwan: Rao he nightmarket & WuFenPu

Soooo, after having sufficient rest the night before at a hotel just right next to Taipei Main Station, my mom and I went to look around for a great place for breakfast! 
There're actually food stalls & restaurants everywhere next to the streets to the many floors of it. 

We decided to settle down at a restaurant which mainly serves main dishes, there're as below:



 I can't recall what's this sorry! 

After breakfast, we took the MRT to Wufenpu which I regret not taking photos of it at all...
It's a crazy shopping place in Taipei, my favourite one actually. We've went there a total of 3 times in my 6D5N Taiwan trip. Crazy eh? Even when we're at Taichung, we took the bus down back to Wufenpu in Taipei to shop. If you are not a bulk buyer, I recommend you that you should never go there on Mondays, which we didn't. Mondays are reserved for business buyers and wholesales buys only. You may go there the rest of the week, just except Mondays okay! :)

Here we are, crossing the busy roads of taipei,
heading to Rao he nightmarket from WuFenPu, it's just a really quick 10mins walk ^^

Main entrance for Rao he night market

Bought Takoyaki again~ yum yum~

Perhaps one of the most prolific Taiwanese street foods. You can find it in just about every street corner and at night markets.
My favourite favourite dish from Taiwan, this is the very very famous tasty 卤肉饭!!!!
I will be dedicating not a short description for this
Formosa Zhang, near Houshanpi Station which is the station you will be getting down to go for Wufenpu, specialises in 滷肉飯 Lu Rou Fan, which is braised pork on rice. Note though, that you will be getting more pork fat than meat, but that is what makes this such a delicious dish! The chicken rice, a bowl of rice with shredded chicken laid on top, is a tasty alternative if you can't deal with pork fat. 滷肉飯 is available on the streets all over Taipei but if you want a comfortable environment of a casual restaurant, Formosa Zhang is the place to go. Prices are very reasonable and won't make you feel like you just ate in a restaurant.Braised pork is the star of the menu and there are set meals that you can order that will give you a nice variety of dishes. The menu is easy to understand with photos of everything available. Order up and everything gets noted on an order chit that you take to the cashier to pay the bill when you're done.
The 滷肉飯 is really melt in your mouth! However, if you don't like pork fat then this is not for you. But I love it! 

This is another well known dish in Taipei, it's a Taiwanese Oyster Omelette, they call it ( O-Ah-Jian!)
It doesn't taste really special to me, it's just like a very juicy fried egg as they're oyster in it.... but it's definitely worth a try! =D

Cold soy drink to quench my thirst after walking in the nightmarket!

Red bean cendol shaved ice

Oreo milk shaved ice mmmm~~

this is the 胡椒饼 that other people and blogs will tell you how yummy they are at rao he nightmarket but...
At least that's how I ended up at a long Q... 
It tastes really plain... imagine eating the dou sha bao but the inside are spicy, yep, the taste of 胡椒..
I was totally disappointed by this dish actually... I still can't figure out why it's raved so much... hmm 

ok so this is a new phone cover I got for my phone which I was pretty much satisfied! The lady introduced this phone cover to me because she has one too! haha. super friendly people everywhereee in Taiwan. =D
The picture I posted on my social networking sites if you recognize 
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