Saturday, 14 December 2013

Big Bad Wolf is back!

Hey Folks!
If you're reading this post you're probably a big reader which is PERFECT cuz the big bad wolf is back!!
& to top it off...
Big Bad Wolf is back with 3 MILLION books! You know how many books that is? It's 3,000,000, SIX zeros! This year, there'll be 230 hours of non-stop shopping for book lovers, from 6-15DEC because it's 24hours de leh!! cool not.
The Big Bad Wolf sale is the world's BIGGEST & most affordable book sale.

Where is the big bad wolf sale?
This year it's at the Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre (MIECC) which is in The Mines. Just go into The Mines and you'll be seeing sign boards and people walking with their big bad wolf plastic bags so just follow the sign boards or walk opposite the people that are coming your way with the plastic bag, simple!

How much are the books?
Every single book has a 75%-95% discount off retail price. Impossible? well, seeing is believing!
Everything was so cheap!!! no kidding, when I went in, first place I went was the best sellers section, grabbing a box given at the entrance of the MIECC, take book put in box take book put in box... same applied to most of the people there. Of course you'll have to browse through la ok!

What sort of books are at the Big Bad Wolf sale?
Ranging from kids' colouring books to business books, all sorts can be found! All genres of fiction, references, resources, biographies & other mysterious treasures.. oh and, the down side is that there aren't any chinese books avai.. so yea.. but 3MILLION english books sure got you like de ba?

I went on the 13th of Dec and I'll show you what I bought below~

Plastic bags will be given foc but I see people carrying a mountain of books with their hands..
they must love nature so much

 More for a girl 

My favourite type of books~ 
non-fiction ones, they can be found in the business section. Got plenty more there but heavy la carry box myself!! 

Story/Romance which aren't really my type but for the sake of improving my English story writing skills

Big Bad Wolf is like the best yearly event for all walks of life especially to bookaholics :)
Come on, what other book sale offers such a great price for quality books?
There's a DJ at certain times inside to keep you entertained & the staffs there are very friendly too! 
For Mothers or Fathers, or maybe an elder sis/bro who needs to bring their younger sibling who has no interests in books, there's a kid section right opposite the main entrance so you can just put them there for awhile to play while you sneak off to pick the books, hehe. 

Phew~ I was speed typing this post you know why?
Are you really asking me that?
You have less than 30 hours to the big bad wolf sale, so get going and show me what you bought if it's possible! :D

Address to MIECC,
Mines Exhibition Centre (MIECC), Jalan Dulang, MINES Resort City, Seri Kembangan., Seri Kembangan, Selangor

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