Friday, 7 February 2014

Penang 1 day Trip

Ehlo ehlo!
Chinese New Year this year was pretty meaningful to me :) I've paid a visit to the Happy Retirement Home in Kepala Batas in Penang, I've talked about this on my Facebook & my Instagram
Check it out if you're interested in contributing your energy or any donations :)
Anyways, while I was there, I went to Penang for a 1 Day trip too!!
Didn't managed to go to many places because of the limitation of time, but yeah here are where I've went

Gurney Drive

I don't know about this place but my penang friends always say, a trip to Penang is never complete w/o a trip to Gurney Drive. Just about every type of Penang-speciality dish can be found here, from the ubiquitous char kuay teow to mochi, ikan bakar, rojak, oh chien and asam laksa... and every bit of it mouthwateringly delicious. 

were there around 4, not crowded yet, plenty of seats but hot 

 there were many fried food there but not be afraid as there're stalls which sells fresh fruit juices and lots of other variety drinks lah.. slurps!

See ah, slowly slowly already sibeh banyak lang

 Char Kuay Teow RM5.50

Rojak (y) recommended!

cendol also pretty palatable, tastes really traditional idk hahahaha but yea just very different from what you can get in cities

Hokkien Mee 

look at the chili O.O

Fried rice, so-so 

Yummy popiah!! so mouthwatering hehehhehe so yumsssssssssss

 Kek lok si 

Let you see from far 

The Queue for the famous Asam laksa next the ditch, we were full by that time so we missed it
but if you go I think you should go try lah my friend said it's pretty good 

Don't see ^ nice nice, frankly once you go in it's a Penang 万里长城 before you reach kek lok si

you may buy kangkungs to feed the tortoises here 

Sis and me, so awkward so many people around 
the beautiful night view of this place is on my instagram 

colour so washed damnit but this is just to show you the hallway lantern with wishes decorations

Then daddy went to donate and got this "plate" type of thingy and wrote down our names 

 Hohoho~ found the mochi stall by the road & wow wow just look at the flavours they offer!!!!!!
can get meh here in Selangor? I don't think soo

Black sesame & cheeeeeeeeeeese =D 

Went to the car and back to the jetty for the ferry ride back. I'll be going to a Penang makan trip by the end of this year/ CNY next year, hopefully a longer period of time! 
till then xx

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