Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentine's Night at Setia Walk event “摇一摇,摇到幸福桥”~

February is the month of love, both giving and receiving, so what better time to remind yourself that people love you and want the best for you, whether it's your partner, family or friends. Know that you are loved and supported and you don't have to go through life on your own. You can ask for help and comfort when you need it, and will give it back to others when they need it in return. 

For this 14th Feb 2014, I've decided to spend it with my friend here :) 
It's an event held by Red Tomato in collaboration with Wechat, download the app and we can start wechatting! My Wechat ID is babygirl_xo ;D Wechat is basically an app where you are allowed to record voice messages in an efficient & easy way, and there's this function inside this app where you can "shake" your device and find out who's shaking it nearby!Then, you may add each other and start socializing. 
The best part about Wechat which makes it different from Whatsapp is, it's private! yes, your phone number, age or anything private will not be displayed, unlike whatsapp. :)
You are allowed and encouraged to snap pictures with their props & send it to their account wechat accounts. After doing so, you'll receive a small gift( keychain ) as shown below 
✎ cute hor? not bad la get for free leh

Then, we went to write wishing cards and hanged them up on the
GIGANTIC sky lantern prepared by RED tomato & Wechat 

You might be saying writing is easy hor, I'll make sure I stay committed to the process of achieving my goal for this year. Please do a friendly reminder if I so happen to get out of track, don't let that happen even just for a min!

While waiting for the main event to take place, we took pictures with the Wechat Mascotts, don't tell me it's not obvious enough that the green one is male and the one copying minnie mouse's outfit is girl la hor

The pretty and good looking emcees of the event for “摇一摇,摇到幸福桥~”
There were some games going on such as the team which can get the shortest rocky stick by kissing~

Recognize any Malaysian actor or actresses here? My fav was Cathryn Li, the girl in the first picture, she's an actress & classical pianist. What's more shocking is, she looks exactly as gorgeous as she looks like in pictures :) indeed someone truly as pretty as a picture! x

The massive crowd~

What a beautiful blossoming ahem fake sakura tree. 
Would love to see a real one in Japan one day :) 

The amazingggggg 鼓手!!!
I'll include the videos tomorrow coz it's taking too long to be uploaded

Main highlight of this event ( throw oranges ) 

This is actually to celebrate chap go meh, so called the chinese version of "valentine's day"
I've never experienced it until that day where I participated in this big event at Setia Walk & it was indeed a great & memorable event!
1) Write ways to contact you on the mandarin orange
2) throw it far away into the pond
3)use the stick given to go and "lao" for one, see who you got faith with la :)

We weren't there when they distributed the mandarin oranges as we were strolling around setia walk, taking a look here and there searching for food. So packed, you even have to queue if you want to buy food in 7-Eleven. Can you imagine? So we just lao for fun.
This is the mandarin orange I got! Still haven't contacted the person who wrote his details on it yet, not planning to. Opps.

His email address, where he stays & a wish saying 心想事成 were written on the mandarin orange
He's from Kuala Lumpur, anyone interested? let me know ya I can give ways to contact him to you hahahaha

The Sky Lantern flying upppppp, taking it's time cuz the surface area is huge. like,

4 or 5 of me bar?
Well that concludes my post, stay tuned for the Da mouth concert post & a secret restaurant review coming up really soon!!! muahhhhh 

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