Saturday, 19 July 2014

Let's Detox! Featuring TruDtox

Detox teas are what's so in lately, correct? 
I'm here to introduce you something that would help to detox your body healthily, 
it's something that I've been taking for quite awhile now.

Before that, do you know that detoxing is really important? 
Detoxing is about cleansing your internal system to remove health threatening toxic substances in your body.
To quote an example, the air we breathe. 
Where do you think the dust particles go? 
What about the water we drink

In this world, 
practically everything contains pesticides, pollution and chemicals that can lead to serious health problems.
So many of them. 
Still don't get it? 
Imagine all these toxins in your body.... 
that causes your immune system to degenerate, 
triggering the onset of degenerative diseases that in the worst case, 
it'll eventually rob your life away. 

BUT of course I'm not here to let you know you're so close to death, 
there's actually something you can do about it because of the existence of TruDtox.

TruDtox is a proprietary blend of high quality herbs and floras that are traditionally used for aiding body detoxification and for strengthening our body's detoxification organs. 
Don't worry about consuming it because it 
works gently and does not contain harsh laxatives 
that can cause bowel dependency. 
It's formulated for SAFE, GENTLE & REGULAR USE :D 

TruDtox DOES NOT contain Senna, and is classified as food by the Ministry of Health

TruDtox claims to : 
  1. Helps cleanse toxins and pollutants from your body
  2. Promote normal functions of your body's detox organs 
  3. Safe for regular continuous use
  4. No dependency 
  5. Improves digestion 
  6. Improves overall health 

I have been a huge fan of teas over milk or any other drinks 
But this is my first try on detox teas, and surprisingly it wasn't what I've thought. 

What I thought it was

I thought detox teas would taste really unpleasant, make me sit on the toilet bowl for the whole day, cause me pain like when I get food poisoning... strip every single good or bad stuffs out of my intestines... More importantly, make me lose weight overnight because all the gross stuff are out but I'll have to suffer pooping for 24hours

What it really did to me 

It was relatively pleasant to drink, in fact, it's really refreshing! It makes me wanna brew it again again & again, but it says to not do so or else it might too harsh :( 
After my first sachet of TruDtox, 
it took about 15hours till I felt I needed to poop.
 Let me reveal a little something about me which not many know, although I eat really clean and stuffs, 
I have pretty serious constipation problems.
I poop once a week. :\

 I know it's very unhealthy but I don't get to choose when I can poop right?!
could be the stress and busy lifestyle, I don't know..
Anyhow, TruDtox has definitely solved that problem for me. 
With continuous usage of TruDtox, I can now poop once every day. 
One week once and once everyday!!! this product more geng than you k 

After consuming for every once 3 days, I feel healthier, lighter & more energetic.
But if you're looking to take this tea for losing weight, I'd suggest you to pair it up with simple exercises that you can do at home ;) 

Especially during puasa month, have you been eating too much? Check out who's featured in this video!!!!

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with TruDtox and would definitely purchase it after I've finish this jumbo pack!!!! =D 
Definitely recommending TruDtox to those who have not tried out any detox teas :)

TruDtox retails at RM29.60 for a pack of 5 teabags and RM88.50 for a pack of 15+2 teabags~
They're available in leading pharmacies such as Caring, Watsons, Guardian and more. 
Best of all, it's also available online on Plincco, Lazada, HiShop and Rakuten!!!
It's never too late to start a healthy lifestyle 

For more info of the product, please visit: TruDtox and their Facebook page ^_^ 
 You may also leave comments if you have any doubts and I'll get to you asap!

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  1. Awesome write up Jia Hui! Glad you found TruDtox helpful to cleanse your system :)