Monday, 1 December 2014

Santa's Party Performance @ Avenue K

It's the time of the year when everyone gets together to celebrate Christmas despite the fact that it doesn't snow in Malaysia(that's what the malls are for right?)
for us instagrammers addict to go & snap tons of pictures

Some malls should prepare a room and put tons of artificial snow and charge people who wants to take pictures inside or use sugar & salt la if wanna save cost, lol. 

Upon reaching, I rushed to the ground floor to watch their very first Santa's Party performance, 
check out the decorations for XMAS!!!

Everything about the decorations was pink, shiny & just BEAUTIFUL!

The performance started with the awesome Enaj dancers & aerialist Jane Victor

Flip hair lvl: enaj dancers!

Presenting... Joy Victor! Her voice is sooooo awesome

Pass me some matches and I'm gonna light up this hula hoop and let it 
so the deers can jump across it?? 

WRONG! Something even more exciting happened!!!

And Jane landed in Malaysia, safely. phew.

You definitely wouldn't want to miss these performances!
Good thing is that you'll be able to catch them perform live every weekend until XMAS :D
Santa's Party performance will be ongoing on 4p.m. so do drop by at the ground floor atrium during weekends or XMAS itself! :)

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