Monday, 8 December 2014

Tokyo Pastry @ Avenue K

There's always time for dessert right?
At least in my world it does.

But really, Tokyo Pastry's desserts aren't one to be missed!
Let's get into the design of the pastry shop first~

Compare its' design to other pasty shops in msia pls..
How to compare leh?

FRESHLY baked cheese cakes are being sold here 

pretty pretty cashier 

Fluffy breads were sold this part of the shop >> 
My fav part!!!
Duh, the desserts
They serve various types of cakes, from classic chocolates to coffees & yams.

I wanted to try this yam cake coz it looks so special but at the same time it looks like a mop
so I skipped it and chose another piece for dessert
Now I regret not choosing it coz you aren't probably gonna find that anywhere else

Out of the many many types of cakes available, I chose this one below.

Bamboo Charcoal Mille Crepe RM9.90
Since every piece of cake were so pretty, (unlike the ones you bake in the washroom)...
I chose this one because...
I didn't know what it was. 
Bamboo charcoal? 
You know what's the funny part?
After eating it, 
I still don't know what it is lol.... but it was delicious!!
A little on the sweeter side so it's perfect for those with sweet tooth
but if not, order a mocha!
Like what I did :) 

Mocha is really on the bitter side. 
Sweet & bitter, a match made in heaven! 

So come come to Tokyo Pastry because the desserts & drinks are really worth every penny!!
You'll love the environment a lot too!

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