Monday, 1 December 2014

WonderKafe & Bar Avenue K

As your homepage has been flooded with food pictures by me, 
it's because I was recently invited on a food adventure to have a taste of different foods 
available in 20 participating restaurants! 

I only managed to go to 10 in 4hours(had other appointments that day) and I will update them separately :) 

WARNING:They'll leave you drooling for sure!

My first stop was The WonderKafe & Bar, located @ Ground Floor or Avenue K 

The WonderKafe & Bar serves Yakitori snacks and sandwiches with a Japanese inspired concept, a hangout spot serving coffee & cocktails with a Japanese twist!

How the entrance looks like so you don't miss it if your looking for it? 
or is it an excuse to post a picture of me inside? 
Thinking it's both? yea it is :b 
Pst, it's my first time at a bar.... 

So exquisitely decorated, this place was filled with caucasians(angmoh) too. 

\This place was packed with customers even when it was 4:30p.m.!
Do you think they're there to have their dinner or lunch?
or brunch?
Well, it was my first stop!!!!

Really focusing on what I'm reading & writing because it was so dark in there(to have the bar feeling?)
was filling details onto my Food Adventure passport

Waaaaah, what passport wor? Look like how one? like real one anot?
nah, show u lo, happy anot?

Tried their Watermelon juice & Grilled Salmon
Great stuff!!!!!

Definitely will drop by again during my next visit to Avenue K, I would also love to try it's sister, Wondermama X(next to it) because I missed the chance on that day!

Environment: 9/10
Price: 6/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10

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