Thursday, 27 November 2014

一心素Yishensu Bukit Tinggi - A Vegetarian Connoisseur

Hi loves! 
 Before I start this post, thought I might as well share my excitement with you guys~
I'm getting married!!!!! 
& You know what makes it more exciting?? 
you're all invited!!!!!

Alright I'm just kidding with you 
I'm just really happy that #spm has come to an end for batch 97s!
Now I have to plan for my future & tertiary studies which takes everything on a whole new level...
Which means I'm free to attend events & blog more frequent from now on.
(thumbs up? :D)

Ok enough with that let me jump start into my post on Delicacies!
My dad recommended this vegetarian restaurant when I requested for a place to dine in for dinner and he claimed that vegetarian food are easily digested
(that's obviously what got me attracted to it in the first place)

It's YiShenSu, 一心素 @ BBT One boulevard, Klang 

A hidden treasure, I must say!

I went around 7pm, which was less crowded then how it ended up when I was about to leave at 8:30pm on a weekday so it's advisable to dine in there before 8 :) 

Just a random slot of pictures of mom & I while waiting for food to be served

After ordering, these food were served quickly, maybe because not much customers were having dinner by 7pm, not written in no chronological order  

Herbal soup, which was free & served to all customers 

Assorted Mushroom House Tofu  金菇豆腐(S) RM18
The gravy of this dish is slidely towards the salty side, best eaten with rice :)
others were (y)

Mixed vegetables with Baby Lotus & Nuts 凤果 莲花 (S) RM18
The nuts and baby lotus were very crunchy and mmmm so satisfied

Sweet & Sour Vege Fish (S) RM18
Despite the word 'vege' there, which was being made fun by us while ordering,
it tasted like real fish meat & the best part is that it's entirely boneless!!!!!

Vege Bread Roll with Fruit Salad (S) can't recall the price
This vege roll consists of vege made ham, carrot, cucumber and white bread
it came with their special lemon dipping sauce, good stuff!
Overall  I remember the rolls itself wasn't worth the price for the taste so it's not something I would re-order

Fruit Salad Crispy Prawn (S)
It's made of grapes, honeydews, watermelon slices & crispy prawn
we weren't a fan of the sauce, it tasted weird to us.. it's like thousand island with sugar and mayo, maybe a little ingredient that makes us go dizzy, just describing how I felt when eating 'em

 In conclusion, Yi Shen Su is a very well recommended vegetarian restaurant that I'd revisit for other dishes :)

Overall ratings: 
Food: 7/10
Environment: 8.5/10
Service: 8/10
Price: 7/10