Monday, 24 March 2014

Havaianas Summer Kit

As we all know, it's basically Summer all year long here in Malaysia 
having an everyday flip flop is essential!
oh wait wait wait, who needs an ordinary pair when you can win yourself a pair of Havaianas?!!?!
Wait, my bad, not just a pair of Havaianas but you will get....

a Havaianas Summer Kit!!!!

 Everything you need to know on Haivaianas are in the pictures, click for larger and clearer views :)

They're only 20 pairs in Malaysia, I hope that I can get my hands on one of it!!~~
Indeed a big foot cinderella I am as I am a size 8. Hope I'm the right cinderella for these ^_^ 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

[ Product Review ] Bag Of ❤ - January 2014 Edition

Hola kitties~
I'm sure many of you have heard of beauty subscriptions 
Here's one of the top beauty box subscriptions in Malaysia!
Instead of coming in a box, the goods are signed, sealed and delivered in bags. Mi Mi knows how it can be tricky to find places in your home to store the boxes, so every once in two months, you'll get a customized bag filled with products by luxury to mass, local to international beauty brands. 

With Bag of love , 
You will get a beautiful bag containing 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products from the range of hair care to skin care, body care, make up, nails & fragrances 
OH and they're delivered to your doorstep monthly so you get to sample the products before buying the actual products. 
Cool hor? No need waste money go buy something you're unsure if the product will work on you ^_^ 

Their latest update is that you will get a bag of love every two months instead of every month so that you will have time to finish trying all of the products before more products come in :D 
Mimi, the creator of Bag of Love is really considerate right ^^ 

Look at all the babies in this bag!!

this is a list of the items inside and their actual prices,
come to think of it, wow! you do save a lot!
I'll go through one by one and we'll calculate it in the end of the post okay :p 

Alqvimia Body Anti-Cellulite Body Oil RM290 (150ml)
Shape Redycer Body Oil RM290 (150ml)
Body Sculptor Oil RM370 (150ml)
Instructions: Apply every night after shower with an ascending circular movement to the targeted area.
This product work miracles! Of course, you'll have to be consistent, I've been using it for about a month now and I see vivid differences :) 

Etude House Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set ( Full size products range from Rm69.90 - Rm79.90)
This 3 products are from the wonderful Etude House, they don't need further descriptions right? 
They're so famous and if you have not heard of them, no need to panic! 
Aloe Moistfull soothing gel, soothes sun burns, acts as a moisturizer too
Wonder Pore freshner  is like a wonder woman for your pores. No kidding, this product has got so many functions! It works wonders on my skin. My pores appear smaller now and some even disappeared! I'm so getting the full size product 
Wonder Pore Clay Mask is another awesome clay mask, perfect for combination skin and oily skin.
Once a week, apply a layer on cleansed face for 20 minutes, then rinse.

RM30 cash voucher for any a la carte Waxing Services 


Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Shampoo 250ml, RM55
Wella Professional Enrich Moisturizing Treatment 150ml, RM58

Basically you wash your hair with the shampoo and apply the treatment to damnp hair for 10minutes then rinse. It leaves my hair silky smooth and very healthy looking! 

They're two more products which are the King of Mask All-in-one Collagen Mask RM5.90 per piece & Uber Men Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner Effect, in full size which is originally for RM11.90 leh! I've used the mask & threw it away without taking a picture & have given the facial wash to my friend but you can refer to the first few pictures of this post for the item ^^ 

huge thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia & Bag of Love for this awesome bag! 
For more informations, do visit their

official website here
 or their facebook page BagofLove Facebook

Disclaimer: Not for ads purposes, all are honest reviews ya :) 
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Escape Room, Setia Walk Puchong

Allow me to introduce you Malaysia's First Real Escape Game! 

Not Phineas or Ferb? 

So, you are not Phineas or Ferb, nor anyone from Phineas and Ferb, but you want to make your day EXTRAORDINARY with a bunch of great friends?

Escape Room: We will make your dreams come true! 

Above are pictures of my lovely friends & I apologize for the blurred picture, so excited la until camera also earthquake already.

Now, What is Escape Room? 

Basically, Escape Room provides you an interactive gaming experience where players are physically inside a mysterious world of intrigued puzzles and codes. You are divided into a group of 6-8person per session & you will have to escape, as a team. 

What is the Challenge? 

The challenge, based on the difficulty of room you chose, is to engineer an escape in a tight race against the clock in 45 minutes. They strive to keep our adrenaline rush going by switching up the themes of the rooms periodically.

THE ROOMS & their difficulty!
KUNG FU - THE LEGEND OF THE GRANDMASTER- ( language in Chinese ) 
Last but not least, 

Cool decorations were everywhere :) Here's one to show!

Pictures of the lucky peeps who came here waaaay earlier than I did! probably when it just launched :)

Sorry for this blur picture but here's their weekly challenge board :) 
Expect your pictures to be up if your brain is really magnificent (or I can say you got tips from others) :p 

We chose to play the room with 3stars difficulty, Up-Bon Voyage
All the 8 of us were just beginners, all first timers & you really should never look down on 3 stars, it's still... really tough if you're a beginner as well :) Recommended room!! 

How it looks like inside yea, be excited!! Not everyone gets the chance to take pictures of the room inside itself :)

Look at how pretty the decorations are!!!! 
We really felt like we were actually inside of the Old man's house! I think they can improve this room by adding additional fan to have more of the house flying feeling. 

"Please don't harm me, you're only allowed to molest me for clues"

The soft toys corner, all so cute hor?
When you want to give up for this game, go cuddle with the bears and rust there ba 

This room brings back a lot childhood memories doesn't it?! Everything is so sweet and nice in this room, if you don't like these, choose other rooms!!! those bloody scary ones... well yea.. good luck with it tho ;D 

My Experience :

I had tons of fun and it was certainly a very Phineas & Ferb episode!!!! hehehe
Who would've thought that someone will actually bring escaping for fun in real?!
Normally such cool things only happens when you're on the computer right, plus, you're in Malaysia !ahem... 
We encountered something very funny during our escape plan, when we opened the door to the other UP room, our final box was open. Surprised not?!?!! We were. One of my friends took Russell( the little boy) 's hat & the key to unlock the Escape door. We used up approximately 15minutes out of 45 minutes. She unlocked it but no one was outside so she came back into the escape room and we were actually quite blur, unsure what to do because we already found the hat, which was the main deal of this room because the box was left open... hmm... 
but we're damn real la we asked one of the staffs to come in and lock it so we could continue our journey to escape. But sadly, my team lost. 
After that, they did explain to us steps by steps on this & that until we get the full clues to how to open the final box when time was up. It's not easy. 
Seriously guys, when you're in the room, 45 minutes feels like 5 minutes. No kidding.
I'll definitely come back again really, definitely not for the same room as it won't be as challenging anymore. 

Pictures of my team & the props provided ^^ 

Chloe's wearing Russell's hat, Shu Qin & I wearing pirate hats, & the others with their props. :) 

A polaroid picture taken  & given to players for free :) 

Here's a shot of Ruby & me! 

Since the holidays are here for a week, why don't you book your friends for a day, or maybe a few hours and go have fun at Escape Room? :D You can even play few rooms at one go!!

The prices are as follow:
Mon - Fri 11a.m. ~ 5p.m. RM32
Mon - Fri 5p.m. ~ 1a.m.   RM36
Weekends & Public holidays 11a.m. ~ 1a.m. RM36 
Fees are based on per person per game yea. Very reasonably priced to exercise your brain in a very fun way!!!! ^_^

For more informations, 
please visit their official website here : Escape Room ( opens link to new tab )
You can make online bookings and watch a short clip introduction for Escape Room there :) 

Thursday, 13 March 2014

IPMART Lifestyle - Your trusted companion!

Hey folks!
I have a present for youuuuuu gadget lovers!
Best of all, it's an iPmart discount code with UNLIMITED usage!!!

They're a wide range of them but I'll be focusing solely on Mobile phones. ( Mobile Phone )
^ It's a link specialized to the website I wanna tell you about today ;D

My favorite gadget brand is of course, #Samsung & that's why I'm currently using Samsung Note II as I have mentioned in one of my posts before, my pictures(mostly) on this blog are taken by my phone, including selfies.

iPmart does shipping from China, USA & Malaysia. & also, they deliver worldwide with trusted delivery services !! Weeeee~~

They also provide FREE PRODUCT REPLACEMENT for warranty items that has problem in the first 7 days.


It claims that if your order is broken upon arrival, they'll replace it with no additional charges.
Ok, tell me how many other companies does that?

Oh oh before I forget, COD(cash on delivery) is also available leh!!!
those desperate people I know there are some of you, hahahaha nice la can try your luck see can meet cute delivery guys/girls not.

They're a massive range of gadgets found on iPmart (link to their official page) and it's impossible for me to include all of them here so do check it out!!!!! 

PLUS, they're kind enough to offer my readers discount codes!!!!! 
You are getting RM15 discount off for minimum purchase of RM100

Enter the code above when you are making payment/check out =D

Here are some mind blowing facts about cellphones that will undeniably blow your mind! 

 Don't forget to check iPMART OUT =D =D

  , Jia hui x