Saturday, 11 January 2014

72 Heritage Cafe Kota Kemuning

Can I see a show of hands of Kota Kemuning residences who've been tired of eating at the same old 
restaurant in Kota Kemuning for breakfast, lunch & dinner? I've came to find out that there's actually this restaurant at the last row of the shop lots in Anggerik Vanilla, it's 72 Heritage. 
I bet this restaurant is a hit and miss for everyone who've passed by it because of the not so visible sign of the restaurant at the front. I had a problem finding for it too, went into several shops at the last row to ask, fortunately there was an uncle customer at whom overheard what I asked one of the staffs there & he pointed the directions to this place, phew, or I would've brought my cousins to Holand. 

Picture of the front of the shop taken from inside the car 

Organized menu of the day displayed on the counter with their specific prices

Antique decorations were everywhere in this restaurant

An old lady came to take our orders after she took the table before us, she was honestly so down to earth!
The way she talked was like Pn Anna, haha. Which was good! cuz we were sesat, didn't know what to order so she introduced their signature dishes to us, I wanted to order their well-known sagu melaka(something like abc) but it was sold out that day. 
Then, we just decided to try a different food for each of us so that we could try everything. 

After we placed our orders right, we chatted for like 20-30 minutes only the food was served, but almost all was served the same time coz the food was cooked right on the spot, the lady owner said she likes everything fresh. 

Voila ~~~

This was the Chicken Pop from the menu above! 
We ordered two plates of this coz she told us that we might need more than just one. The chicken was palatable but as served with the other dishes shown in this picture, the taste was a little bland. maybe coz 我比较重口味.. It wasn't oily so that was a thumbs up & the bowl on the left, was tomato mixed with some spices, while the one on the left was 冬粉 with carrots & taofu .. 

Butter Chicken Rice 
I didn't like this very much but as for butter lovers out there, this very buttery chicken & rice, a delicious irony. I didn't like it coz it's a bit too greasy for me lah but everyone got different taste what. who knows you might like it? :) 

 my favourite dishes from 72 Heritage!!!!

SEEEEEEEE!!!! Look also can feeel how pleasant it'll taste like in your mouth!!


 The dish you're probably hoping it'll come out from your ipad/phone/laptop screen was actually chicken drenched in a sauce that's soooooo delightful, it's not too spicy as well! just a mild of spicy & sour taste. If you ever drop by 72 Heritage for a meal, this dish u MUST ORDER k!!!!  

Next up.... it's 


or in English it's black squid rice? Just tell the owner a black exquisite dish if you can't remember what's called and she'll know what you meant.


It's basically squid served with this some sort like squid ink sauces... I don't really know how to describe the taste but it tasted heavenly, a taste I've never tasted before in any other food I've eaten for the past 16years of my life. MUST TRY! 

& this is the plate of rice served together with the ayam masak merah & the squid ink rice :) 

72 Heritage is open everyday except on Sundays & public holidays.
Business hours: 12-3pm, 5-9pm. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

72, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Z 31/Z,
Kota Kemuning,
40460 Shah Alam,

Contact Number: 03-51316162