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You want to do what to my face?!

This is my first facial experience at Skin Renew, Kota Kemuning!

We all know the basic rules of healthy skin:
  • cleansing twice daily, when you get up from bed and before you get to bed at night
  • moisturize with a moisturizer that suits your skin type. Eg: gel based moisturizer for oily skin, cream based for dry skin 
  • ALWAYS slather on SPF before you leave the house even if you plan to just walk under the sun for a second 
But no matter our best intentions, the truth is that the perfect combo of stress, pollution, sweat & makeup or hey, we've all skipped that nighttime wash a time or two, can leave our face looking dull. 
The right facial can cleanse your face well, clear up skin problems and help you moisturize your way into a healthy( sun-free ) glow. But the bottom line is that turning your most precious skin over to a stranger can be intimidating.(I don't know about you but I know at least that's for me).

What on Earth are extractions, anyway? How much should a facial cost? What's normal? And what's not?
We'll go through these questions a step at a time. 

I've talked to the esthetician, and this is what I know about my skin now: 
  1. I've always thought I have oily-combination skin, which means my nose and my forehead is slidely oilier while my cheeks and chin(T-zones) are dry, but the reality was my entire face was in a desert condition, like honestly. It was indeed jaw-dropping to me because for over 4years at least, I've been using skin products for combination skin, here let me show you :

     I've spent months and months doing research online & through trial and errors,
     I think these products should be featured here. From my favourite sleeping moisture pack, facial wash, moisturizer, toner, sunscreen and exfoliant. 
  • The Face Shop Rice Water bright daily cleanser
  • The Face Shop Raspberry Roots sleeping water pack
  • The Face Shop daily moisturizer 
  • ZA milky moisturizer recommended by XiaXue
  • Etude House Hyluronic Acid Face wash
  • POND'S deep cleansing wash with tiny exfoliant beads 
  • HADA LABO toner
  • HADA LABO moisturizer
  • HADA LABO gentle exfoliant
  • Shokubutsu mild face wash
  • Biore facial wash for "V" shape face

  • Biore Aqua rich SPF 50+
  • Neutrogena Moisture SPF 15+ (perfect for school) 
  • Biore UV protection SPF 48
  • The face shop natural sun sunscreen SPF50+
  • ZA true white power block UV SPF50+
I know I've spent a lot on these, thinking I've spent it right, but only until today I found out that I didn't. lol. effin sad. 

      2. Not even my face is dry, my whole body is dry even I always put tons of lotion on my body but body           lotions don't work if I still shower in super hot steaming water thrice a day until my washroom mirror             forever able for me to "vandalize". You know how the stress and problem kicks in everyday, a hot                 bath is really relaxing. Guess I'll have to get rid of this bad habit or forever no nit think of having really           smooth and that bouncy "toing toing" skin. 

      3. mmmm brows, there're so complicated that I've never been a good mother taking care of it & I'm so             bad at shaping it. I used to pluck my eyebrows however shape I like, okay after talking to this                       esthetician right, I realize you have to go along with your eyebrow, instead of going against it. Different           eyebrow shapes might look pretty but it does not mean that it's the one which suits your face shape.

Booking your first facial can be intimidating, with an incredible amount of options(wait, what is this package for again? ) If you're so happen a first timer, I'd suggest you to get a basic facial. 

Before you go, there's actually not much you need to prep for a facial. Also, feel free to leave your make up on because the facialist will remove it during the first part of the facial. And you may want to take a few notes before you go in, like questions about your skin. Your esthetician is there to answer all of your skin questions, so ask away!
& about what to wear, you really do not need to wear anything special to your appointment. Most spas ask you to change into a robe or remove your shirt and slip under the covers. Just like --->

I felt like I was wearing a typical type of black rubbish bag but with elasticity at the top part. behind also damn sexy open one like the wings of a cockroach, lol. 

A basic facial typically has four steps: cleansing, exfoliating, massaging of neck, face, shoulders and applying a mask for your skin type. 
Depending on the type of facial and the amount of time booked, extractions may be a part of your facial experience. OooooOOoohh if it is, I'm telling you here that it is Ouuuchhh-y! During the extraction, the esthetician removes whiteheads and blackheads from the skin using either fingers wrapped in gloves or a tool but either way, he or she should always be wearing gloves. Despite the painful process, I may now say bye bye to my strawberry nose! 

Anyways, here's how it looks like. There're plenty of small rooms like this there in Skin Renew Kota Kemuning. Clean & comfortable environment. 

My face looks slimmer in the pic coz she did a face massage to me and I think the most vivid change you can see from the picture is the shape of my eyebrows. My skin is indeed x10 smoother and x4 brighter than before. My mom and sis both agreed which left me feeling very "hehe" inside! lol. 

Now to the price, the package I did was skin renewal, as I've mentioned earlier
It's RM1600 for 5 sessions. Each session is 1hour+, recommended time is every 3 weeks as your skin renews every 21days. 
I've heard of the herbaline one too but I've yet to try that out. I will soon when I find the time for some relaxation. :) 

Remember, a good skin care regime is essential for beautiful skin, free from oil, blackheads and blemishes! And this is especially important for teens, as we're more prone to these kind of problems. Not to worry though, an effective skin care routine is easy to implement. Just make sure of your skin type and choose the right products for them!

Also, don't wash your face more than 2 times a day girls! Many of you are surely to think that washing your face dozens of times a day will get rid of the oil and reduce pimples, but that's actually a false statement! In fact, washing your face more than twice a day will actually cause it to produce MORE oil to make up for the lost natural oils. So girls, washing your face more than twice a day actually backfires!

P/S: Drink LOTS of water as CNY is drawing near. Drink as much water as you can ( you're supposed to have 8 glasses a day). Water will leave your skin looking hydrated and rejuvenalized!
Your skin will thank you - promise! 

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