Friday, 10 January 2014

HABA Lift-Up Serum Review

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I've received a sample of this product in my doorstep few days ago and I've tried it this morninggg before school as my friends and I have an interview by The Star on English Literature Drama best performances and I was of course hoping for obvious "V" shape face.. It also claims to make one look 7 years younger. 10y/o skin leh who don't want. Though claims like these make me laugh a bit, but I was curious about the product as it contains one of the newer vitamin C derivatives, APPS or trisodium ascorbyl phosphate, also known as Apprecier. It basically means it's both water and oil-loving & this serum will be absorbed into the skin better.

This product is called the Haba Lift-up serum.  
This sample was more than enough for both my face and neck, I even smoothed the leftovers on my hands. 
You're suppose to apply the serum  immediately after you wash your face. Smooth it over and you will feel that it moisturizes your skin and there'll be no sticky feeling left. 

It claims to: 
  1. Lifts-up and firms the skin
  2. Increase the firmness and elasticity 
  3. anti-aging serum
  4. Restore the firmness and definition of the face line. 
To me, besides than moisturizing my face, I didn't see any other effects it claimed... strange huh? I think it's because my skin is still young and wouldn't be needing this product to help improve it yet.. & the price is a little jaw dropping as for a bottle of 30ml, it's $79.80 on Amazon. 

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