Sunday, 16 February 2014

Food Review: Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant Kota Kemuning

Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant, ring a bell anyone?
I'm quite familiar with this place because it's such a gem, its location is really obscure, but this place can really fill up during weekends and even on weekdays during night time.
It's advisable to make your booking if you're going there for a date or in a group, just in case :)
we made a call earlier for a room as there was 9 of us going, partying inside all we want w/o disturbing anyone else outside.
How the room looks from the inside~

It's air conditioned, not too cold nor hot. 


 Things displayed on the table 

 They allow you to take away this two sets~
I'm including all the menus so it'd be easier for my readers, U, to determine if you wanna pay a visit or not :) 

So many pictures of the menu, like very kua jiong hor? for who's convenience are this? you're welcome.

DB Tamago Don
Cooked egg with vegetables and miso soup under rice category
^if you know me well enough you'd know it's hardly that I ever take in rice plus 
it's already night time but I ordered this. you know lah how yummy the Japanese food are here 

Ikura sushi - 1pcs rm5, 2pcs rm9.00 
This was delish, so juicy like booom boom boom unexpected juiciness 

miso soup

side dish
what my two beautiful friends ordered, under rice section as well :)
Aren't they adorable? hahahhaaa
Soft shell crab temaki RM7.00 
Shu qin ordered this and she said it's fab, I trust her so I give this a thumbs up!
Cheng wei ordered steamed eggs to eat only coz she was feeling full
As for Chloe, she eats faster than I could snap pictures so.... 
hi chloe if you're reading this :p


It was a superb Friday night spent with them girls and we did enjoyed our dinner here! Of course the jokes we cracked helped out with the environment HAHAHAHA 
 Easy to get there even when we can't drive as it's not too far away from our houses. 
Nihonkai Japanese Restaurant Kota Kemuning's address:

No 12, Business Park 2, No.8,
Jalan Anggerik Vanilla BE 31/BE, Kota Kemuning, Seksyen 31,
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor. 

Contact No: 03-5122 2186
Business hour: 12-3pm
                       6 - 10pm Opens daily 

There're also two other branches located in Sunway & Kuala Lumpur
I highly recommend this restaurant to those Japanese food lovers :) 
Happy dining!!!!