Friday, 29 November 2013

Bar.B.Q Plaza Sunway Pyramid

Hello :) it's me Jia Hui again.
If you've read my previous post, part 1 of lilian's birthday,
this is part 2 when we headed to Bar.B.Q Plaza @ LG2.35 & 36, LG2, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall for lunch. :)

Just before I start, 

we didn't had quite a pleasant meal there! Give me 30secs to tell you the story why
We went into the shop telling the one of the female workers there that there's 5person and could we take that table with two BarBQ plaza pan and she said yes so we moved there, coincidentally the table next to thing ling's cousin(Emily Tiw) and her friends. 

But as we were already seated, a male worker(WQ) came and told us we're not supposed to be seated there rudely with the face unless there'll be another person joining us cuz I think the table's for 6 person but we have big appetite too k. Never mind that, wasn't a big deal for me.

My friends asked if we could shift to another table at the other corner for 4 person and he said yes... well, who wouldn't choose sofas over chairs? 
Aiya whatever la, but after moving there, menus were slow, service was bad, not sure it was specifically to us only or others were served the same. 

Put that aside now, I'll be introducing what we ate that day ok? ~
If you're new to Bar B Q Plaza, it's basically a place for those who like to barbeque but does not like smokey places. This particular restaurant offers a great variety of meat for you to choose from and to share with your friends~ It is air conditioned so you don't have to worry of getting too hot or sweaty. 


wu liao not go add the #menu lolol

These were served after we ordered~

From the left: barbq plaza pan, hot water, my bowl, fat(as oil) and super delicious sauce

神仙下凡cuz of the steam lolol.


Pork fats as cooking oil.. It's to oil the pan so it the meat does not stick 
Them pretty girls ~

Food finally served! :D



And then there's lamb in the middle 
Cookin it~ hungry hungry~ 

Random pix~ 

- air conditioned
- good environment
- reasonably priced
- clean

- bad customer service
- workers are mostly new, said that cuz they got our orders wrong
- slow serving service
- food not fresh 

The workers did not clean up the dirty table after the customers left immediately. One of the girl workers saw it but she chose to stand just opposite of the table and do nothing. Like that also don't want to clean the table. At last a guy cleaned it when there were customers standing there waiting for that table already.
Overall, I wouldn't pay a second visit unless they improve and have better trained workers.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

27.12.2013 Lilian's super sweet 16 Part 1

Hello there my lovely readers :) 
With the title listed above, it's really clear that what I'll be writing in this post but....
To those who don't know, it was one of my bestest bestest friends birthday yesterday and we held a surprise birthday party for her at her place which she didn't expected, of course. :D

We went to the Sunway Pyramid's Red box at 1030a.m. , 
when we reached, lilian and I headed straight to redbox while Natalie, ThingLing & WeiJie left to Komugi to get a cake for her(secretly).

Half way cheong k-ing thennnn with the help of one of the kind staffs there, 
The "Happy Birthday" song w cute animals played ~~

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Lilian ~
Happy birthday to you!! 
                                                       making a wish~~~
She didn't told us what she wished but I'm thinking it's either
- a boyfriend for xmas 2013
- a boyfriend for xmas 2013 
- a boyfriend for xmas 2013 
hehehe I'm jk she's mine don't touch her! 

From the left, Thing Ling, Wei Jie, Natalie(light DJ otd), Lilian & I 

It's Lilian posing with a plastic cake cutter when I'm with a plate...
who needs to be fab all the time

寿星女 & me 

One last shot in the red box's toilet~ 
Don't worry it's pretty clean 
and I like the service in Redbox so go la wait for what!? hehe ^^

We then went shoppingggg and bumped into Hui Ling!!!(yes the one from 超级补习中心) Should've taken a picture with her but sadly I didn't.... next time it isss. 
Would you like to find out what we gifted Lilian as her present and what we did after shopping and singing k? Stay tuned for part 2 & 3! :D

Monday, 18 November 2013

Day 2 in Taiwan: Rao he nightmarket & WuFenPu

Soooo, after having sufficient rest the night before at a hotel just right next to Taipei Main Station, my mom and I went to look around for a great place for breakfast! 
There're actually food stalls & restaurants everywhere next to the streets to the many floors of it. 

We decided to settle down at a restaurant which mainly serves main dishes, there're as below:



 I can't recall what's this sorry! 

After breakfast, we took the MRT to Wufenpu which I regret not taking photos of it at all...
It's a crazy shopping place in Taipei, my favourite one actually. We've went there a total of 3 times in my 6D5N Taiwan trip. Crazy eh? Even when we're at Taichung, we took the bus down back to Wufenpu in Taipei to shop. If you are not a bulk buyer, I recommend you that you should never go there on Mondays, which we didn't. Mondays are reserved for business buyers and wholesales buys only. You may go there the rest of the week, just except Mondays okay! :)

Here we are, crossing the busy roads of taipei,
heading to Rao he nightmarket from WuFenPu, it's just a really quick 10mins walk ^^

Main entrance for Rao he night market

Bought Takoyaki again~ yum yum~

Perhaps one of the most prolific Taiwanese street foods. You can find it in just about every street corner and at night markets.
My favourite favourite dish from Taiwan, this is the very very famous tasty 卤肉饭!!!!
I will be dedicating not a short description for this
Formosa Zhang, near Houshanpi Station which is the station you will be getting down to go for Wufenpu, specialises in 滷肉飯 Lu Rou Fan, which is braised pork on rice. Note though, that you will be getting more pork fat than meat, but that is what makes this such a delicious dish! The chicken rice, a bowl of rice with shredded chicken laid on top, is a tasty alternative if you can't deal with pork fat. 滷肉飯 is available on the streets all over Taipei but if you want a comfortable environment of a casual restaurant, Formosa Zhang is the place to go. Prices are very reasonable and won't make you feel like you just ate in a restaurant.Braised pork is the star of the menu and there are set meals that you can order that will give you a nice variety of dishes. The menu is easy to understand with photos of everything available. Order up and everything gets noted on an order chit that you take to the cashier to pay the bill when you're done.
The 滷肉飯 is really melt in your mouth! However, if you don't like pork fat then this is not for you. But I love it! 

This is another well known dish in Taipei, it's a Taiwanese Oyster Omelette, they call it ( O-Ah-Jian!)
It doesn't taste really special to me, it's just like a very juicy fried egg as they're oyster in it.... but it's definitely worth a try! =D

Cold soy drink to quench my thirst after walking in the nightmarket!

Red bean cendol shaved ice

Oreo milk shaved ice mmmm~~

this is the 胡椒饼 that other people and blogs will tell you how yummy they are at rao he nightmarket but...
At least that's how I ended up at a long Q... 
It tastes really plain... imagine eating the dou sha bao but the inside are spicy, yep, the taste of 胡椒..
I was totally disappointed by this dish actually... I still can't figure out why it's raved so much... hmm 

ok so this is a new phone cover I got for my phone which I was pretty much satisfied! The lady introduced this phone cover to me because she has one too! haha. super friendly people everywhereee in Taiwan. =D
The picture I posted on my social networking sites if you recognize 
If you have any questions, you may leave a comment in the comment box below or email me at =D 

Monday, 4 November 2013

WongFuProductions: Realities of life well presented.

You know how much I'm a fan of hilarious Youtube videos that make you laugh much longer than 30seconds and even to the extend that you might laugh out loud till you cry? 
This is whaaaiiii WongFuProductions has been my favorited channel to go to every time I log onto Youtube. I've been spending my whole Tuesday morning watching WongFuProductions on Youtube over and over again!! 
This is one of the most epic videos and I just have to share it out from them for my readers to watch. I can't believe how a video of 16mins can make me so depressed.
Their videos impresses me the most on Youtube, especially this. I'm not so sure if you have seen this, but if you did, it doesn't hurt to watch it again right? zui duo ku duo yi ci lo hahah.

WARNING: This video is amazing & very truly deep. 

That was seriously one of the best videos I've seen in a long time. 
It's been 2 years since this video came out and still gives me the biggest feels, especially in that time period I actually have experienced all the stages up to the inevitable. After re-watching this video, it helped me move on and realize that I'm thankful for all the experiences I've shared with that significant other, even if it did end up the way it did now.
The struggle... was real.
Now that you've watched it, I bet you're probably thinking, damn this video was so accurate, thinking that a lot of people go through these, it's just too sad. 
I know this matches exactly to most of your stories too, well, the truth is sad, but you can still be happy for many years if you constantly work on the relationship, your life and yourself. If both of you have a happy life and enjoy the companionship of each other, it will work out. :) 

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Taiwan Day 1: Ningxia night market 寧夏夜市

I decided to do throwback posts about my Taiwan trip which was on August 2013. Since Taiwan has been a very popular spot for people to travel to in the year 2012 & 2013.

I went to Taiwan on the 19th of August and came back to sunny msia on the 26th w/ my mom. I reached at the airport in the afternoon, forgotten the time but it was in Taichung. Bought bus tix to Taipei and it was around 6 in the evening when I reached the first night market in Taipei, which was the NingXia night market!
You'll have to take the MRT to shuanglian MRT station of Tamsui line(red line), walk towards west ) chengde rd.) from exit no1 for approximately 10mins. Don't be shy to ask around!! 
If you are looking for good food, this is the night market to go to. It may be small but it was equally lifely. Nothing much to shop, really, but there were lots of nice, authentic Taiwanese street food. The shops around the area also sells delicious food.

I was starving as it was dinner time!! but there were really... just too many stalls I didn't know which to go to. I did looked up on the internet before going there, since this trip was planned by me. Trust me, althou you have had everything planned out, when you reach there for the first time, you'll also be so shocked by the amount of stalls and people you'll be seeing there..
I went to one of the most crowded stalls to try this.... coz 宪哥(吴忠宪)once introduced this stall on one of his tv shows and got his picture at the stall also. It's the

黄金烧面卷 Golden noodles rolls which was for 70元
Despite from being served in rolls, nothing else really shocks me, not the taste definitely.
You can get similar noodle tastes here in Malaysia just that they're not in rolls but the taste wasn't that bad, just moderate I wud say.

And tadaaaaaa!!!! this is a STEAL. I would forever go to visit ning xia night market just for this!!! 
You will have to queue up long time for their scrumptious yam balls. 
It's really pure yam and tastes heavenly, if you're ever going there, (MUST dabao for me!!)

The next thing I tried waz 甘蔗柠檬, the stall you see up there. basically it's lemon + sugar cane
It tastes like yogurt but in this special flavour, such an awesome combination, very refreshing!! Maybe our night markets here in Malaysia should learn a trick or two from them

Another dish that was pretty common was Takoyaki. 日船 is what you're looking for, the signboard is blue colour de ya quite obvious in the picture shown. Usually there would be a long queue. The prices were 40NTD for a box of 6! I would only encourage you to buy it if you're going there with 4 people min coz really you do not want to waste your tummy space for this as you won't be able to try other food next!

The making of takoyaki~ 

If you follow my instagram, , this is the picture you'll be seeing when I was in Taiwan. I don't write much about it there so if you want to know more about my Taiwan trip, visit my blog often to see if I've updated it with a new post =D 
As you can see in the collage above, on the bottom left, it's actually cakes they call it, I tried yam & red bean one but it tasted awful to me, really not to my liking and it just fills up your stomach in few minutes time. Can try but just get one!
That concludes my Day 1 in Taipei =) will be blogging about the following days soon!!

Ningxia Night Market
Ningxia Rd., Datong District (between Nanjing W. Rd. and Minsheng W. Rd.)
Opening Hours :1800-2400
How to get there by Taipei MRT :
Alight at either Tamsui Line(Red Line).Shuanglian MRT Station or Zhongshan MRT Station of Tamsui Line,walk towards west(Chengde Rd.)from Exit No.1 for approximately 10 minutes.