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Taiwan Day 1: Ningxia night market 寧夏夜市

I decided to do throwback posts about my Taiwan trip which was on August 2013. Since Taiwan has been a very popular spot for people to travel to in the year 2012 & 2013.

I went to Taiwan on the 19th of August and came back to sunny msia on the 26th w/ my mom. I reached at the airport in the afternoon, forgotten the time but it was in Taichung. Bought bus tix to Taipei and it was around 6 in the evening when I reached the first night market in Taipei, which was the NingXia night market!
You'll have to take the MRT to shuanglian MRT station of Tamsui line(red line), walk towards west ) chengde rd.) from exit no1 for approximately 10mins. Don't be shy to ask around!! 
If you are looking for good food, this is the night market to go to. It may be small but it was equally lifely. Nothing much to shop, really, but there were lots of nice, authentic Taiwanese street food. The shops around the area also sells delicious food.

I was starving as it was dinner time!! but there were really... just too many stalls I didn't know which to go to. I did looked up on the internet before going there, since this trip was planned by me. Trust me, althou you have had everything planned out, when you reach there for the first time, you'll also be so shocked by the amount of stalls and people you'll be seeing there..
I went to one of the most crowded stalls to try this.... coz 宪哥(吴忠宪)once introduced this stall on one of his tv shows and got his picture at the stall also. It's the

黄金烧面卷 Golden noodles rolls which was for 70元
Despite from being served in rolls, nothing else really shocks me, not the taste definitely.
You can get similar noodle tastes here in Malaysia just that they're not in rolls but the taste wasn't that bad, just moderate I wud say.

And tadaaaaaa!!!! this is a STEAL. I would forever go to visit ning xia night market just for this!!! 
You will have to queue up long time for their scrumptious yam balls. 
It's really pure yam and tastes heavenly, if you're ever going there, (MUST dabao for me!!)

The next thing I tried waz 甘蔗柠檬, the stall you see up there. basically it's lemon + sugar cane
It tastes like yogurt but in this special flavour, such an awesome combination, very refreshing!! Maybe our night markets here in Malaysia should learn a trick or two from them

Another dish that was pretty common was Takoyaki. 日船 is what you're looking for, the signboard is blue colour de ya quite obvious in the picture shown. Usually there would be a long queue. The prices were 40NTD for a box of 6! I would only encourage you to buy it if you're going there with 4 people min coz really you do not want to waste your tummy space for this as you won't be able to try other food next!

The making of takoyaki~ 

If you follow my instagram, , this is the picture you'll be seeing when I was in Taiwan. I don't write much about it there so if you want to know more about my Taiwan trip, visit my blog often to see if I've updated it with a new post =D 
As you can see in the collage above, on the bottom left, it's actually cakes they call it, I tried yam & red bean one but it tasted awful to me, really not to my liking and it just fills up your stomach in few minutes time. Can try but just get one!
That concludes my Day 1 in Taipei =) will be blogging about the following days soon!!

Ningxia Night Market
Ningxia Rd., Datong District (between Nanjing W. Rd. and Minsheng W. Rd.)
Opening Hours :1800-2400
How to get there by Taipei MRT :
Alight at either Tamsui Line(Red Line).Shuanglian MRT Station or Zhongshan MRT Station of Tamsui Line,walk towards west(Chengde Rd.)from Exit No.1 for approximately 10 minutes.

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