Thursday, 31 October 2013

Garden photoshooting for fun! ☺

Helooooo =D
I've always been the type of really shy girl who isn't brave enough to strike poses in front of a camera, you know, but this shoot was fun as I got some instructions as a guide from the talented form3 girl, Sheryl, from my school :) I'm pretty sure you've went through her pictures before at this account @_theleftside on Instagram as she has really awesome pictures posted on that account, go check out for some inspirations maybe? 

 Sheryl's on the left, me on da right

Some shoots taken ~

don't ask me wtf is there a butterfly on my nose 

I know it has been done a lot & it gets really messy afterwards but it was fun =D 


Loving the natural lighting for these pix 


 let me know if you wish to see more below 

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