Saturday, 21 December 2013

DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant

A Korean food lover or a foodie?
This post is specially dedicated to you ~
Yesterday, my friend and I were looking around for a Korean BBQ Restaurant for dinner together since we both haven't really tried Korean food before soo we were actually targeting a visit to

Smiley botak uncle logo ( Facebook: Uncle Jang ) which was quite famous on the net 
BUT, I saw a comment somewhere on Instagram, 
someone saying that there's a fancier korean bbq restaurant nearby Uncle Jang @ SOHO KL 
which wasssss 
DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant

Selfie in car otw :p 

The Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant we went to was @ SOHO KL, which was located at the slide opposite row of Uncle Jang, which was located at the same row as Maybank at the corner of the shops. DAORAE Korean BBQ Restaurant has a signboard was very bright & unmissable, you'll get attracted to the interior designs through their clear windows too on the second floor of the building. There's a lift inside but I would recommend taking the stairs since my friend and I did and we were faster than the lift, yay for long legs? hehehe 

View from outside ~

these are mostly "human living" ~ getit?

The corner tables & decos from my table

The entrance is at the right, can see the man in black shirt? >>>> one
& spot my beige coloured flat at the shoe rack! I actually took it out on the floor before going to my table but out of the blue when I was taking photos of this restaurant,
 I noticed it was on the shoe rack, now I know my shoes have its own legs..
 or angelic wings *-*

front view from my seat, yupe there's a flat screen TV there playing korean shows 
All the stars who've paid Daorae a visit, there you can see PSY, Lee Min Ho & I think that's SHinee at the bottom left, if I'm wrong please do correct me in the comments box, I ain't no kpop fan :x

The setting of the table~ 

Free salad for both of us as starting
The sauce was really unique until we couldn't tell what was in it LOL 
it was sweet & sour, like mango & I don't know what.. hmm.
 go try it out yourself and let me know what does it tastes like to you 

^ Here you're looking at the Korean side dishes which was free of charge and REFILLABLE! 
yummy yumzzz side dishes these were!
We didn't refill it thou... you'll know why at the end of this post. 

Free Korean pancake
This pancake was so delightful, not oily at all! 
not oily food = healthy food to me

Menu images credits to The asian chihuahua

We took our orders and the food came not long later~ 

I forgot what was this dish called, but it was filled with very yummy things but SUPER SPICY
This was my friend's favourite dish of the day because my friend looooves rice cakes, the right picture is one of the staffs there whom I think is korean, helping us the cut the egg without our request nice, you see how nice the service is, no lie u leh!!

Hanjung Sal 梅花肉 RM 38
It's sliced pork Jowls with sesame oil sauce
I know how this might look spicy to you but it was strangely not at all spicy. 
IN FACT, the smell & taste of it will keep you wanting it more and more, that's why it's the my favourite dish that day :D Really worth trying one! no lies!!

^ Image credit to google~
 순두부 찌개 Soon-dubu-jjigae RM26
Let's face it who would understand what's ^. It's spicy tofu stew which consists of tofu, pork belly, clams, egg, vege and more. The soup was rich and spicy, so appetizing! I love this one a lot too. The tofu was just so smooothhh it's like I was eating a baby's butt! 

Steamed Rice
We ordered only one steamed rice only coz another dish was served with rice jor, so yea, not bad if you like sticky rice. It's opposite of Japanese rice, can imagine? 

BiBimBap RM22
This was the dish that came with rice, it's actually like fried rice like that, I mean the concept, not the taste. You just stir it yourself and there you have your korean fried rice? I don't know hahaha but it wasn't that pleasant to my friend or me, not really recommended. 
That's all that we ordered that day, 
OH WAIT!!! before I miss this out in the post, 
I wanna tell you another point on how good their service was!!
when we were leaving, coz paiseh leh already passed their business hour, yeah it was after 11pm( we went at 10pm) and we were the last customer there but they even asked us not to rush, but asked us to man man chiak with super good manners & a smiley face ^_^ the staff only you know this! I don't think the boss was around, there's only one guy who speaks more fluent English at the cashier counter quite far away from our table was there. See, people without boss around also so polite, you leh jkjk. 

Then right, we insisted to leave coz really late liao ma, before we left to the door, the manager look-a-like asked us to please stay coz they're serving the dessert which we have no idea of! 
My friend & I went to the toilet and when we came out, pieces of oranges & watermelons cut nicely with a cup of Sikhye( a traditional sweet korean rice beverage, most of the time served as dessert) each with peach content I think coz that's what my friend said he tasted. 

The total amount was RM127 for 2 person, quite pricey but definitely worth it. 
Sadly we didn't manage to finish the food and check out the leftovers....
So wasted right? but what to do... we only have a stomach each and we were rushing to Setia Alam to watch 47 Ronin, midnight show~

The manager even gave us each a lollipop which was sooo nice of him! 
The customer service of this branch really made our day =) 

This Daorae branch at SOHO KL is definitely worth paying many many visits! The service was so gooood & the food tasted really *thumbs up*. I would give this restaurant full stars, how many you want to make it I also will colour it all bright yellow hehehe. You can book private rooms with minimum 10person =)
& oh there there's a selfie to end this post with teehee thank you for reading!

J-01-12Soho KL Solaris, Mont Kiara, Jalan Solaris

Monday, 16 December 2013

In-House Health cuisine, Kota Kemuning

Hello again :)
I've never blogged about restaurant reviews before but this must be blogged and I'll be blogging about them more often since I get requests from my friends who are food lovers very often about how does the food tastes like, the environment, pricing & etc. after looking at my Instagram food photos here :) 

Feel free to stop by x 

I can say that I eat healthy, I'm very picky when it comes to food. The good picky way? If that makes sense? My definition of healthy eating is consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to lead a healthy life. A healthy diet doesn't mean surviving solely on fruit juices! 
It's strange how it's like a trend now to go on diet the unhealthy way, although you may reach your ideal weight but there might be some side effects to your improper diet such as depression, anxiety, poor body image and self-esteem. 

Many psychological professionals see a strong link between self-esteem and nutrition, says Shirley W. Kaplan, a psychologist affiliated with the American Nutrition Association. Unhealthy eating habits hinder brain function and cause reduced self-esteem as a result of foggy thinking, mood swings and confusion. Poor body image is a common byproduct of overeating, particularly when it causes undesirable weight gain. To improve appetite and weight control, brain function and the way you perceive yourself, aim for a balanced, calorie-appropriate diet based on healthy foods.

You may check out this health cuisin in kota kemuning, shah alam for a healthier choice :) 

This is my second time there with my mom, first time was with two of my friends not long ago but I didn't manage to any photos so here are the ones on my second visit.

A picture of how the outside introduction looks. 
It's right next to herbaline Kota Kemuning in Mokara.
The address will be included at the end of this post

What's this drink? Tea? Well no, 
Once you're seated, a cup of signature hot lemongrass drink will be served to you, it's foc but if you really like it a lot and may want another cup, you may order it at RM4.90/cup. Good not the service?
I know some of you may not favor lemongrass drink, but tell you, this one is superb! 

My Sauna Bath Brown Rice with Fish RM12.90, super deliciouuuss I cannot even believe how healthy food can taste so good!! The soup was a little salty but sweet at the same time because of the vegetables & the amount of fish slices was moderate. With the other ingredients in it, it was a huge portion to me! 
They said this dish came with a lovely story~ 

华语版: 一道流传着美丽动人故事的佳肴,传说一名妻子为了在寒冬中苦读的相公做饭,却遇上时常在饭菜送到时冷却的烦恼;偶然有一次,妻子在把鸡汤送给相公时,发现汤在好一段时间内仍然保持温热,原来是汤表面覆盖的鸡油起了保温的作用。此后,妻子便用鸡油淋到米线汤上,让相公每次都能吃到温热的汤食。

In-House claims that this dish comes with a beautiful story. "Legend has it that the secret of keeping food warm was discovered by a devoted wife during a harsh winter. Pouring chicken broil onto some noodles enabled the husband to enjoy warm meals despite the cold. And this was how the renowned Yunnan “cross-bridge” noodles was born. Using the ancient intelligence of this devoted wife until today, our Sauna noodles are served in a hot stone wok so the heat does not escape, The sweetness and nutritional values of the ingredients are maintained, and your food is kept warm until the very last mouthful."
This is the Brown Rice that came with it. It was quite bland in taste and I shouldn't say anything because of the nutrients in it which coincides with the healthy concept of the eatery & it's actually a perfect match with the sweet & salty soup ^^ 

 Mum's pumpkin fried rice I think, I'll check with her and update this part, sorry!

Here's to all the info you need to head there, oh and, a car & someone who knows how to drive(of course!)
I also heard that they said the fruits tea tastes good, and is a must try when you pay a visit. I think the price is around RM15 la, will check it out next time and let you guys know! 
I just went there again few days ago for lunch,
This drink tastes hdjsbdjsnsks unique! 
It has like apples, oranges and more fruit slices in it. Terbest for digestion, super recommended and it can be refilled for as many time as you want for for free!! It doesn't taste bland until the 5th refill. 

This a very cosy & quiet place, somewhere you can sit down and chew the rag with your friends, I really like this place, comfortable environment, healthy good food and reasonable price. 
Oh and did you know that In house health cuisine was previously known as little ben? Same place but different menus, a friend of mine said that some dishes still remain the same tho, I'm not too clear about that!

You can really feel the difference by going for an all-natural herbal spa, and afterwards head out to in-house health cuisine for and all healthy meal. Like some would say it, “you are what you eat..!”

Sunday, 1 December 2013

27.12.2013 Lilian's Super Sweet 16 Part 3

 After dining at Sunway Pyramid, Vivian(weijie's sis) went there to fetch us back.

When we were dropping the birthday girl at her house, 
weijie used the excuse "borrow me your weighing scale for food cuz I haven't bought a new one" to follow her into the house.... then the rest of us got down the car behind them sneakily and lilian didn't noticed 
we are true ninjas ¬_¬ 

Out of her expectations, her beloved classmates and friends were there surprising her from the kitchen with a self made red velvet cake by Chloe :) She was definitely stunned!
OKOKOKOK, now to the exciting part, in order for her to get her birthday gifts from us girls, she has a mission, which is to find her gifts by herself... with hints... that she has to find too, of course~ 

 What she has found 

One hint leads her to another hint and there were total of 10 I guess? I wasn't sure, I didn't join them for the preparation of gifts hunt 

This is her pretty busy hints hunting, by herself, sad 

one sec she's here, one sec she's there, errywhere

Here's what the others were doing when she was looking for her hints... nothing much really they were just somehow "in action" when I took this picture hehe
Thanks to every each and every one of you for attending after receiving the invitation request we've sent out,
wouldn't be a successful one without any of you  


can u tell how excited or feel her excited-ness through the pictures I've taken
there aren't any decent "steady" photos taken
cuz she was moving around, that much!

she wore her birthday present, the giraffe onesie in like 1 sec

there she is with her second pressie, moving here and there like some businesswoman or what

 Her showing the camera her big fatass butt after wearing the onesie, 
jk, she was just looking at the mirror

Peace sign  

The "GIRAFFE" pose, looks 0% similarity to me, LOL
 lack of trees only, should've became one for the camera,
qualified cuz of the height, not coz I have green leaves growing everywhere, lol

Tada~ closer view of the red velvet cake with really yummy frosting,
beautiful not? 
if you'd like to know how to make this, or would like to order, you could contact Chloe Chew :) 

Mine & Birthday Girl's 

The girls group photo 

The whole group... well.. sort of. 
Some went back earlier and some weren't here yet.. I forgot which
We also played the urm.. "wolf game"? was it what that game was called? 
It was fuunnn playing with about 20 of them heehe :D

Lilian Tee!!!! 

T h a n k y o u for being a part of my life and making it so special. Truly am so fortunate to have someone like you in my life, playing the role as one of my besties. I hope you've enjoyed the surprise party we've organized for you & all the wishes you've made will come true!! :)
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who've made it that day again, I'm really thankful for that, the others who were a part of organizing it was too! really meant a lot to us and to her. I hope you guys enjoyed the day too. Love you all, mwah! :*