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In-House Health cuisine, Kota Kemuning

Hello again :)
I've never blogged about restaurant reviews before but this must be blogged and I'll be blogging about them more often since I get requests from my friends who are food lovers very often about how does the food tastes like, the environment, pricing & etc. after looking at my Instagram food photos here :) 

Feel free to stop by x 

I can say that I eat healthy, I'm very picky when it comes to food. The good picky way? If that makes sense? My definition of healthy eating is consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to lead a healthy life. A healthy diet doesn't mean surviving solely on fruit juices! 
It's strange how it's like a trend now to go on diet the unhealthy way, although you may reach your ideal weight but there might be some side effects to your improper diet such as depression, anxiety, poor body image and self-esteem. 

Many psychological professionals see a strong link between self-esteem and nutrition, says Shirley W. Kaplan, a psychologist affiliated with the American Nutrition Association. Unhealthy eating habits hinder brain function and cause reduced self-esteem as a result of foggy thinking, mood swings and confusion. Poor body image is a common byproduct of overeating, particularly when it causes undesirable weight gain. To improve appetite and weight control, brain function and the way you perceive yourself, aim for a balanced, calorie-appropriate diet based on healthy foods.

You may check out this health cuisin in kota kemuning, shah alam for a healthier choice :) 

This is my second time there with my mom, first time was with two of my friends not long ago but I didn't manage to any photos so here are the ones on my second visit.

A picture of how the outside introduction looks. 
It's right next to herbaline Kota Kemuning in Mokara.
The address will be included at the end of this post

What's this drink? Tea? Well no, 
Once you're seated, a cup of signature hot lemongrass drink will be served to you, it's foc but if you really like it a lot and may want another cup, you may order it at RM4.90/cup. Good not the service?
I know some of you may not favor lemongrass drink, but tell you, this one is superb! 

My Sauna Bath Brown Rice with Fish RM12.90, super deliciouuuss I cannot even believe how healthy food can taste so good!! The soup was a little salty but sweet at the same time because of the vegetables & the amount of fish slices was moderate. With the other ingredients in it, it was a huge portion to me! 
They said this dish came with a lovely story~ 

华语版: 一道流传着美丽动人故事的佳肴,传说一名妻子为了在寒冬中苦读的相公做饭,却遇上时常在饭菜送到时冷却的烦恼;偶然有一次,妻子在把鸡汤送给相公时,发现汤在好一段时间内仍然保持温热,原来是汤表面覆盖的鸡油起了保温的作用。此后,妻子便用鸡油淋到米线汤上,让相公每次都能吃到温热的汤食。

In-House claims that this dish comes with a beautiful story. "Legend has it that the secret of keeping food warm was discovered by a devoted wife during a harsh winter. Pouring chicken broil onto some noodles enabled the husband to enjoy warm meals despite the cold. And this was how the renowned Yunnan “cross-bridge” noodles was born. Using the ancient intelligence of this devoted wife until today, our Sauna noodles are served in a hot stone wok so the heat does not escape, The sweetness and nutritional values of the ingredients are maintained, and your food is kept warm until the very last mouthful."
This is the Brown Rice that came with it. It was quite bland in taste and I shouldn't say anything because of the nutrients in it which coincides with the healthy concept of the eatery & it's actually a perfect match with the sweet & salty soup ^^ 

 Mum's pumpkin fried rice I think, I'll check with her and update this part, sorry!

Here's to all the info you need to head there, oh and, a car & someone who knows how to drive(of course!)
I also heard that they said the fruits tea tastes good, and is a must try when you pay a visit. I think the price is around RM15 la, will check it out next time and let you guys know! 
I just went there again few days ago for lunch,
This drink tastes hdjsbdjsnsks unique! 
It has like apples, oranges and more fruit slices in it. Terbest for digestion, super recommended and it can be refilled for as many time as you want for for free!! It doesn't taste bland until the 5th refill. 

This a very cosy & quiet place, somewhere you can sit down and chew the rag with your friends, I really like this place, comfortable environment, healthy good food and reasonable price. 
Oh and did you know that In house health cuisine was previously known as little ben? Same place but different menus, a friend of mine said that some dishes still remain the same tho, I'm not too clear about that!

You can really feel the difference by going for an all-natural herbal spa, and afterwards head out to in-house health cuisine for and all healthy meal. Like some would say it, “you are what you eat..!”

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