Sunday, 1 December 2013

27.12.2013 Lilian's Super Sweet 16 Part 3

 After dining at Sunway Pyramid, Vivian(weijie's sis) went there to fetch us back.

When we were dropping the birthday girl at her house, 
weijie used the excuse "borrow me your weighing scale for food cuz I haven't bought a new one" to follow her into the house.... then the rest of us got down the car behind them sneakily and lilian didn't noticed 
we are true ninjas ¬_¬ 

Out of her expectations, her beloved classmates and friends were there surprising her from the kitchen with a self made red velvet cake by Chloe :) She was definitely stunned!
OKOKOKOK, now to the exciting part, in order for her to get her birthday gifts from us girls, she has a mission, which is to find her gifts by herself... with hints... that she has to find too, of course~ 

 What she has found 

One hint leads her to another hint and there were total of 10 I guess? I wasn't sure, I didn't join them for the preparation of gifts hunt 

This is her pretty busy hints hunting, by herself, sad 

one sec she's here, one sec she's there, errywhere

Here's what the others were doing when she was looking for her hints... nothing much really they were just somehow "in action" when I took this picture hehe
Thanks to every each and every one of you for attending after receiving the invitation request we've sent out,
wouldn't be a successful one without any of you  


can u tell how excited or feel her excited-ness through the pictures I've taken
there aren't any decent "steady" photos taken
cuz she was moving around, that much!

she wore her birthday present, the giraffe onesie in like 1 sec

there she is with her second pressie, moving here and there like some businesswoman or what

 Her showing the camera her big fatass butt after wearing the onesie, 
jk, she was just looking at the mirror

Peace sign  

The "GIRAFFE" pose, looks 0% similarity to me, LOL
 lack of trees only, should've became one for the camera,
qualified cuz of the height, not coz I have green leaves growing everywhere, lol

Tada~ closer view of the red velvet cake with really yummy frosting,
beautiful not? 
if you'd like to know how to make this, or would like to order, you could contact Chloe Chew :) 

Mine & Birthday Girl's 

The girls group photo 

The whole group... well.. sort of. 
Some went back earlier and some weren't here yet.. I forgot which
We also played the urm.. "wolf game"? was it what that game was called? 
It was fuunnn playing with about 20 of them heehe :D

Lilian Tee!!!! 

T h a n k y o u for being a part of my life and making it so special. Truly am so fortunate to have someone like you in my life, playing the role as one of my besties. I hope you've enjoyed the surprise party we've organized for you & all the wishes you've made will come true!! :)
I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who've made it that day again, I'm really thankful for that, the others who were a part of organizing it was too! really meant a lot to us and to her. I hope you guys enjoyed the day too. Love you all, mwah! :* 

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