Thursday, 31 October 2013

Garden photoshooting for fun! ☺

Helooooo =D
I've always been the type of really shy girl who isn't brave enough to strike poses in front of a camera, you know, but this shoot was fun as I got some instructions as a guide from the talented form3 girl, Sheryl, from my school :) I'm pretty sure you've went through her pictures before at this account @_theleftside on Instagram as she has really awesome pictures posted on that account, go check out for some inspirations maybe? 

 Sheryl's on the left, me on da right

Some shoots taken ~

don't ask me wtf is there a butterfly on my nose 

I know it has been done a lot & it gets really messy afterwards but it was fun =D 


Loving the natural lighting for these pix 


 let me know if you wish to see more below 

Saturday, 12 October 2013

First experience at Tong Pak Fu

Went to have dinner here as I've heard soooo much about it but, I had quite an unpleasant experience at Sunway Pyramid's Tong Pak Fu for dinner today. Food were served rather slow, tastes just a little above average & has bad customer service. I feel disappointed for the meal I just had there.
I was there with my family at about 7pm for dinner, the waitress took our orders quick as I told her my stomach was making the rumblies.

These were served super slow, especially my favourite dish, you'll know what is it after reading this post.

Chicken dumpling
This was tasteless, I couldn't have finished it without the help of my sister & the chili sauce for flavouring.
 I rate it a 3.5/10.

Curry chee cheong fan
I don't like this either, no taste one la atho there's 虾米. boo

same thing, obviously
Papaya w/ snow fungus
This was quite tasty, a little strange tho as there's papaya in it. Pretty good for nourishing your skin so yea it's going to the have to eat list if I'm ever going back to eat there. 

Cendol snow ice
This was pretty amazing too, soft & smooth ice but it's with strong coconut milk smell. 
If you like coconut milk, then you should definitely give this splendid dessert a try!
poured some brown sugar-like syrup

home soy milk

Honey Chicken Ramen
I ordered Hawaiian Cheese Baked Rice at first, 45mins later, only the waitress who served me told me that the rice they cooked were finished and will require another 30-40 minutes time if I still wants that dish, so I changed to this which took up another 15mins to be served to me. neeways,
dum dum dum* 
it's the best dish I had in tong pak fu today, I can't even
It's like, you know bak ku teh? yep, bak kut teh ramen 
& the honey chicken tastes heavenly, I'd give this an 8/10! 

The only selfie taken in the restaurant cuz the lighting there was really bad 

Studded sneakers that I bought from Taiwan 
Let me know in the comment box below if you want me to write a post on my Taiwan trip 2 months ago during the Hari Raya holidays, I'll include hauls and my one week trip schedule there for your reference if you're going to Taiwan soon. 

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Nuffnang's first ever food fest

Hello lovelies! Have you heard of the very big event NUFFNANG's FIRST EVER FOOD FEST
that was held in Malaysia? I  really couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the news, really leh. 
We got to enjoy free food at this food fest! All you had to do was just to tweet, instagram or facebook about the particular booth and they'll treat you with good foooodd. Smartphones were much more needed than money for once, for this event. 

Limited 500 power banks were given out for free at the registration counter,
when your phone battery was <10% . All you have to do was, of course,
tweet something like :
check out 's booth! my phone is dying
So, I got one myself.

then here's me after redeeming mint chocolate from New Zealand's Natural &
Kee's durian creampuffs. mmmmm
It's a picture taken by Nuffnang, I just had to repost it cuz
can you recognize the bloggers in the picture? 
& then there's me and my friend at the bottom right! was on cloud9 when I saw this picture being posted.

Pictures taken at the event 

This is me with sherlyn tan hui lin, the boss of the remarkable online store, twenty3my.
This is someone who needs no further explaination, she's Audrey, more known as fourfeetnine perhaps?
She's so adorable!! I really want to meet her and talk to her more, such a friendly woman <3

This guy here is the famous blogger, Mr Brian See =)

This is lumi, LoveLumi. Another of my favourite blogger, she's sibeh friendly I'm telling you! Have to take pictures with her every time I get to see her!! support her by reading her blog :

Besides eating, Flissco also allows us to take pictures there!
There's a Flissco machine & plenty of props for us to choose from to take pictures with it. The first picture printed will be foc while the rest were charged at RM1 each. eh, super worth it okay!!
Before I end this post, here's me with the nzn chocolate mint ice-cream which I mistaken for green tea at first.
The only regret that I had that day was not being able to meet jane chuck
She was there at Sunway pyramid for her Levi's Revel event, too bad I couldn't make it

Neeways, if so unfortunately this event was held during your exams or you weren't free to attend,
CHURP OUT 2013 is back on the 19th October 2013!!!
You won't want to miss it, would you? :)