Friday, 24 January 2014

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant

haiiiii ;Dtoday's blogpost will be about a Korean Restaurant which have opened for business in Bukit Rimau yesterday(23/1) but I've went to the SOHO KL's branch for lunch, I'll be having dinner at the Bukit Rimau's branch tonight with a different group of friends for lou sang & celebrate my friend's victory for cross country! Imagine having to eat the same food for lunch and dinner... but it's okay la, accompany different group of friends :)


This is the signboard you'll be looking at when you first enter the small stairs entrace, which has a lif inside so don't worry about climbing up the stairs until the third floor as if you're at school or tuition lul.
It shows the business hours for the shop, I'm not sure if it's applied to all the branches anot la.

On the right side of the lif, it shows the nutritional values of their food and there's also a simple menu on the right but that part of the place was sorta messy so I didn't snap a picture of it.

 Voila voila~
 their well-known dak-galbi & HOW to ORDER IT 

  1. Decide the number of portion - Minimum order 2 people portions- One portion for one adult - Basically there are boneless drumstick of chicken(200g), cabbage, sweet potatoes and korean rice cakes with homemade Dak-Galbi sauce
  2. Decide the flavour either normal, spicy or mixed.
    -Normal taste is recommended for the first try
    -Spicy is super spicy (WARNING) *
    - It can be mixed. Ex: 3normal & 1 spicy
  3. Choose add ons.
    - I recommend adding ramen & cheese. Heavenly!
Below are the menus

The small dishes served before the main dish was served. That bottle is for us to drink(it's cold) & the cups are behind the bottle in aluminium.

 The chao(adjective) mian place

This is the ma lat lou frying the dak-galbi in front of us, it'd be much more entertaining if it was a hot chef lolll 

 goreng goreng~

&the final product! 
Looks yummy right? tastes even betterrrr. (at least x3)
The white thing you see is not mould, lol, it's cheeeeesee :3

As modeled above, ahem, you'll also be given a red apron to wear so that the spicy hot chili will not get onto your clothes. 
Totally advisable that you don't wear white there okay or don't blame me if you go out with red polka dots design on your white shirt 
come to think of it, it's kind of cute, tag me on instagram @jiahui0901 if that just so happens to you hehe.

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