Friday, 28 December 2012

Day 2 with braces

My braces were done in USJ 11, Clinic Kumar & , RM6800. Braces time varies from person to person depending on what needs fixing. If it is the case that your teeth are only slightly crooked you may only need braces for maybe 6 months!!! (Lucky you). I have sticking out front teeth (overbite/eye teeth) and I will be needing my braces for 2 years. Average amount of time with braces is 1-1 and a half years.
So it's my 2nd day with braces. It didn't hurt at all yesterday when the dentist fitted my braces in fact, it doesn't hurt at all today
but I can't eat any nice foooodd as I can't bite and I have to clean my teeth with 4 types of tooth brushes
4 types -_- every morning & night. RIDICULOUS! 
It's so ma fan and I'm already ready to get them off! haha.
Here are pics of me, smiling w/ braces :)

*serious faces* hehe.
The 4 brushes dentist gave me.
I need to use all 4 of them every time after a meal
or a snack.
Okaye so that's about it! I'll still update you about my braces condition like
every month?
Comment if you have any questions about getting braces :)

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Before braces

I'm getting my braces in like an hour from now..
I've went through most of the Youtube videos about them experiencing braces, before & after pics etc.
I'm really nervous, excited and quite happy that I'm finally getting braces.
I might go for turquoise brackets for my first time if invisalign isn't available.
I hope I'll be more informative after I get my braces fitted. :)


Hey hey hey, So I'm extremelyyyyyy sorry for the lack of posts but now I'm back & I'm back with a mini beauty haul :) HOWS THAT?
I think yes.
I went out yesterday to Sunwy Pyramid with some friends and bought these babies. 
(The dolls at the side right, they're just trying to photobomb)
Here are clearer pictures

VANEDO Beauty Friends Mask in Pearl, Lemon, Royal Jelly, Aloe & Snail.
From left to right. 
The Vanedo Beauty Friends facial mask is a well-known Korean brand which has more than 20 different types of varieties. The facial masks are suitable for all skin types and all age groups.

 Etude House's Happy essential foams.
This Happy Foam range has several variants like Collagen, Vitamin C,Witch Hazel, White Clay and Hyaluronic Acid.
Heres more of the stuff I got from ETUDE HOUSE :D
It's the wash off honey & yoghurt mask pack. 
They're pretty famous masks on the internet so I decided to give them a try since I'm a huge huge fan of Etude House. Like, who isn't?
 Etude House is full of really cute, fun and princess like packaging make up and skin care items :)
 ELIANTO sheet masks. 
Haven't try or heard of them but I got them on the Christmas Sale,
which was like, RM29 for 10sheets.
I couldn't find a reason to say NO to sheet masks at this price.
So yeah.
 Just a round brush I got from Guardian, nothing special.
The last item which almost everyone is familiar with is,
NIVEA's fruity shine lip balm in PINK GUAVA :) 

So that's my beauty haul for the last month of 2012. 
Rock on!