Saturday, 6 December 2014

Crispy Crust @ Bandar Sunway

Studying in Sunway college/uni,
on the look for some quick snack in Bandar Sunway, 
 just want to look for a nice venue so that you can produce #foodporn
but you are just weary of other "fast foods" like KFC, McD & subway already? 

Maybe you should check out Crispy Crust !
It's a new eating place that's in business for not more than 2 months yet.
It's on the same row as famous Garage 51 & Subway 
Do try to spot this eatery by ~crispy fried chicken~ instead for the time being until they have a proper CRISPY CRUST restaurant signboard 

Magazine corner(duh)
nobody wants to be bore to death while waiting for food to be served
(ideal place for people who are dining alone)

Jackson(host) talking with my mom while we were waiting for some other bloggers to arrive
you know lah malaysian's otw

Tables & chairs, exquisitely designed 

Wow!!! Check out the amazing prices for lunch!!!
So this is the menu, it's a like Subway's concept,
just that this isn't bread, obviously,
so that you can customize your meal by yourself and have that special meal just for you, by you!
Yea you can use ^ that as a caption during your visit  ;)


Tell me how you expect me to not droll looking at the posters of the food served there? 
It's both of my fav, grilled & deep fried!!!
definitely worth it to spoil my diet

Wait till you see the real fooods.... omnomnomnom.. even prettier than the posters!!!! 
cheh, just kidding.
but have to admit la, my photography skills for taking food pictures have improved tremendously..
K fine, it's just because the foods were really well decorated & served 
From the posters earlier, this is the breakfast set with grilled chicken~
The pineapple was so on point!!!
makes everything one. 

These two pictures are actually of the same dish,
just that one of it the salmon was hidden while the other, the sausages, some skills I have :x
you can see ham, sausages, salmon, grilled chicken, cheese slices, salad & fries(250g)
The giant platter for all of us~
It consists of rich self made sauces, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, deep fried chicken, fries and salad.
Yeah I know the nuggets looks ugly but the co-founder of Crispy Crust said that to maintain it's quality(pure chicken w/o excessive flour) unlike other fast food restaurants that will do so to make it more appealing to the eyes
Tell me, food to satisfy your eyes, or your taste buds? 

Delicious raisin bread which works like burger buns
This one is with deep fried chicken, the earlier one was grilled, either are irresistible!

This is how normal orders will look like, instead of being on platters :)
This is deep fried chicken with Japanese rice & mushroom gravy
the sausage is under extras
very yummy lah!!!
the last dish also!!!
This is my favourite dish of all!
& my mom's too!
It's spaghetti with caramel beef gravy, tomato sauce, sausage, deep fried chicken wings & salad!
10/10 combination
One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. ~ Virginia Woolf
True enough????
Another thing I wanna share with my lovely readers is that we must always do small things with great love until we are given the opportunities to do greater things. 
This is an intuition after the Q&A session with the co-founder of Crispy Crust, 
it was not always rainbows and unicorns for them either, or any other successful man, 
they started off selling at a hawker stall and with perseverance they worked their way up to owning a nicely designed shop lot, they are also thinking of opening another franchise in Kelana Jaya if things go the way they expect.
To my muslim readers, good news! It's a pork-free restaurant :) 

OH and before I forgot, what's a restaurant without free wifi right??
Crispy Crust's wifi password: crispy123

39, Jalan PJS 11/9, 
Petaling Jaya, 


  1. hahaha so good sumore provide wifi password! thats very thoughtful of you!

  2. It's like that one, teens nowadays, restaurant with free wifi gets extra points! hehe