Saturday, 24 March 2012


Heeeya! x
SERIOUUUUUUUSLY! you shouldn't had missed it and if you didn't, you would know how awesome it was!
Last two years one sucked. Not much stalls as this year were opened and I didn't met these awezumm people yet! (jingyi, susu tan, megat, chloe and wei yan! I mean I met her that year but wasn't as close as now)
I don't know how to fucking thank them on making me so happy today @ carnival.
SO MUCH FUN I HAD WITH THEM! AAAHHH I hope we can all be in the same class next year lorh.
Since wei yan is so much more smarter and chloe is 2classes behind but her grades are splendid! stupid teachers just won't let her come to my class. :( Talking 'bout next year.. I finally had the guts to talk to my mom about choosing science or art stream.. and guess what?! She said she will let me make my choice!! which is now still half hanging 50% for arts and 50% for science. I don't want to study accounts or science but that's the only subjects my school has for form fours. Sigh..

Ok, I really want to become an air stewardess. Is anyone out there actually one? if you are, can you tell me some tips and the positive and negative things about it? the main main reasons I want to become one is that well, I want to see more of the world & also want to make people's travels more pleasant. And that's rewarding for me. You know right people get scared or stressed about traveling, and how the little things an air stewardess do, even just a smile or a friendly chat, can help make people feel so much more comfortable. But my friends did told me this.. the hours can be long and irregular. The work can be tiring, the passengers demanding or even abusive. The atmosphere in the aircraft at altitude is extremely drying. Snowstorms, labor disputes, or mechanical breakdowns can disrupt schedules. Perhaps your plans to attend your friends' wedding will be spoiled by a storm that traps you. And there is the constant fear of a crash, although statistics say you have a better chance of being hit by lightening than experiencing a plane crash... BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAM and I'm dead. SOO RISKY!

K I know you're most probably bored of reading those stuffs hahaha! So I wanted to talk about my friend too on this blog post but I don't think I am suppose to mention her name out 'cause she'll probably get mad and not talk to me if I did it. So I'll just use her name as Neveah(Heaven spelled backwards). So I've just read Neveah's blog just now.. and I saw her posts. She had posted something about this guy she used to like and I still liking but refuses to admit. I can see that she is really deepy hurt by that guy.. and that guy is so coincidentally one of my best friends.. He had already moved on, well they never really started but they did once liked each other but now it's not the same anymore.. Cheer up Neveah!! Don't frown. :( It has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' I do not 100% agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting it's sanity, covers them with scar tissues and the pain lessens, but it is never gone.. ; usually when someone puts their focus on someone new, then the pain from the old person disappears...because they no longer matter. SO LISTEN HERE NEVEAH! NO ONE on the planet is worth hurting over idefinitely...there is always someone else out there equally as good for you as a partner, or BETTER!! YOU HEAR ME?! I'm so dead for writhing this out.. neveah's going to kill me after she finds out I have a blog and I didn't told her.. sumore I posted about her! Haih, FML!

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