Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Only two friggin' days/posts and I'm really really lazy to post already.. I don't really like my blog designs. It's too simple for me, I'm going to make it really complicated and look really really nice once I "gao dim" learning all those how to add cute cute widgets and fun things to my blog. even by looking at my blog now, no longer have any motivation to continue blogging. why can't blogger be easier to edit? Sigh. I have no idea what has gotten into me lately.. I'm just not really into talking that much anymore now.. DAMN WEIRD RIGHT?! I only want to focus on what the teacher's teaching infront and I'll get really angry if anyone gets in the way/annoys me when I'm trying to FOCUS but after awhile I go hyper hyper again. I wasn't even like this one last time. I was always hyper... I think :p  but just this.. few days and noo it's not what you're thinking that's causing mood swings.. haihya idk la. stupid form3 life.. plus lagi so many tests and PMR is only in like.. 7months time.. PMR determines if I can get into a Science class next year which I want to.. my mom also asked me if I want to study in Singapore next year since I don't like science or arts class for form4 next year but leaving all my friends behind is just.. urghhh I don't know what to choose lah! studies or best friends who understands me in all my problems, the ones who accepts me in who I really is, and the one who respects me in all of  my decissions in my life. I really don't want to leave them!! A flood of tears gushed down my ashen pale cheeks staining the rug man when I'm writing this... :'(

This is just too tough for me.. someone help me? :(

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