Thursday, 22 March 2012

Once again in the world of blogging!

As it is really clearly mentioned in the post title, I'm finally not that lazy to blog again!! The last time I actually blogged I guess it was like.. umm.. 3years ago? which was 2009. I was in 8th grade by then.. My English used to suck(excuse my language) but at least my friends can understand what I say as we were all not really good in English in primary schoool. hahah. OF COURSEEEE, my speaking skills is now better lah k! English is a very difficult language to learn lorr. It's a bastard language with random grammatical rules and words smashed together from around the world. BUT! English is a wonderful language and can be very intimidating to master. I have heard that once you master it you become a better person~~~~ I guess you might be wondering if i've mastered it now.. sorry to dissapoint youu.. I've never mastered it yet but I will keep on tryin till I master it! 

So lately I've been really into this song called The World As I See It by Jason Mraz. I AM REALLY IN LOVE WITH THAT SONG! ♥ Jason Mraz is great musician! This song especially makes me feel good, even though the words are confusing a little :D but its ok, its good song! Here's the link : I CANT BELIEVE THIS SONG VIDEO HASN'T EVEN REACHED A MILLION VIEWS <:( ; there's this comment saying : Here's my masterplan to save the world. First, I'll win the jackpot. I'll give all the money to science, so they can do research to cloning. When they know how to clone, they'll make about 1000 copies of Jason. All those Jasons will become presidents and kings, and will cause a world of peace and happiness.
Who's with me?
and he got 243 thumbs up! Can't wait for him to win the "jackpot" so there will be more Jasons. That's pure awesomeness!!!! Aiya just go listen lah, it's a really beautiful song. if you read too fast the link is already posted up few sentences earlier :p and one more tip!! This song gets even better when you listen to it as loud as possible. hehehe. btw, don't think that those shapes in the video and ask Y NO RHOMBUS?! haha, those shapes actually means this : ▌●▼■  I wonder if you can see the LOVE word but I guess that is what it means.

ll right. I'm signing out. I hope you all enjoy your Happy Thursday. Keep smiling! x 

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